Squinter 2.3.131 Released

The latest version is now available from the app’s Squinter > Check for Updates… menu, or here.

Release notes here, but in essence:

  • Squinter now supports impCentral’s device group user-defined environment variables. Open a project, select one of its device groups and click on Update Device Group’s Environment Variables… in the Device Groups menu to view and amend the group’s variables.
  • The Inspector panel’s tab switch buttons are now… better (more Xcode-like).
  • Removed Azure impCloud login.

Whenever we try to update Squinter from within the application, it detects the update, downloads it, unpacks it but then gives the message the download is corrupt and quits. Anything we need to take care of up front to avoid that ?

Which version are you updating from? If it’s some versions back, you may see this – the updater code, Sparkle, changed last year to introduce stronger protections, and it doesn’t play as well with the old scheme as promised.

In any case, you can grab the latest version here.