SPIFlash Memory Limits

Hi, myself and colleagues were wondering about the 128Mbit IMP005 maximum size as stated here: https://developer.electricimp.com/hardware/imp/imp005_hardware_guide
and alluded to here: Problem with imp003 spi flash

If we could get a larger chip on our designs we would, to what extent is this a fixed maximum limit?
Are there any plans on the roadmap to increase this?
Would it require new hardware revisions to increase?

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This is mainly due to the device being in “3 byte” address mode hence the 16MB limit. We could add support for larger devices if there was a requirement.

In the meantime you could use an additional SPI flash on one of the SPI buses (and use the spiflash library), but that’s a little messy. How big a device were you looking at? Got a specific part number?

We are using a 64Mbit flash card (S25FL164K0XMFI011) but are considering revising.

We store second-by-second data in case of communication loss, which adds up pretty quickly, especially with multiple sources. Due to the lack of multi-threading its a trade-off to allocate power to do more serious compression especially when we need to record so regularly.

As for a specific size, a 1 or 2Gbit chip (e.g. W25M02GVZEIG) would give us a lot more room to play with.