Spi.write() example not working

The docs example code for SPI write doesn’t seem to work, it says it can take a string or blob (whatever a blob is) however the example tries to pass in 0xDEADBEEF and throws this error [Device] ERROR: bad parameters to spi.write(string/blob)

As does trying to pass in any hex code - I must be missing something as an SPI library that can’t take hex arguments would be a pain to work with and all the example code in the docs suggests it should work - passing 0xFF into spi.writeread() also throws the same error. These functions do work if I pass in “c” for example but ‘c’ fails as well.

Page in question http://electricimp.com/docs/api/hardware/spi/write/ (there’s also a typo on that page - search for “blog” and you’ll find it)

EDIT: it seems the forum font (atleast in chrome mac) shows numeric zero as the letter o - the above should all be NUMERIC_ZERO followed by a x for hex notation

So using
data = 0xDF; spi.write(format("%c",data));
seems to do the trick