Sparkfun - Electric Imp Shield & Breakout Available!

Just noticed these

Too bad April is $20 at SparkFun as opposed to the $7 direct from electric imp…

Thanks for posting controlCloud. I was a bit reluctant to post when SparkFun informed us of this yesterday since there was “zero” availability for both breakout and shield and I didn’t want folks to get disappointed. Looks like they’ve got 200+ (each) imp breakout board and imp shield and are going at a steady pace.

@deldrid1 - We understand your point but were making nothing off our April boards and our intention has never been to mass produce breakout boards for sale and the purpose for Hannah and April (among others as mentioned on the wiki) was to allow folks who want to start experimenting with the imp cards a quick and easy way to go about this. That being the case, we only manufactured small batches of Aprils and Hannahs. Ideally, our users would start creating and possibly selling their own imp compatible breakout boards or, even better, their own imp-powered/enabled product!

The Spark Fun daily product post describes the 2 breakout boards.