Sparkfun breakout - can never get response from pin 1

I’m on my forth Sparkfun breakout board and I can never get a response from pin 1. If I try the same code on an Imp breakout then pin 1 works fine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I need to do to enable pin 1?


I’ve played around with the SparkFun board and haven’t had any issues with any of the pins. What exactly are you trying to do with Pin1?

Well it’s happened on three different sparkfun boards and I also found this on the forum about sparkfun boards and pin 1: and in the comments on the sparkfun site someone else details having problems with pin 1.

It won’t read from pin 1 at all - and I mean super simple digital in stuff. Three different boards, pin 1 issues on all of them. EI breakouts all work fine.

It’s put me off ordering more Sparkfun boards and in the UK that’s pretty much all we can get, without international shipping. Investigating getting my own boards made.

Have you tried putting slight pressure on the socket to see if it makes the connection (as suggested in that forum post)?

If it is indeed a faulty socket, hopefully Sparkfun will look at replacing your faulty boards. We’re going to reach out to a contact at Sparkfun and see if they can do some additional testing on their boards / look into what might be causing these issues.

Adafruit also carries the breakout boards from a separate vendor, though I’m not sure if that alleviates ordering difficulties in the UK:

Three different boards with pin 1 issues would imply the issue is with the card itself, would it not?

Could this be traced to a certain model of SD socket being more robust than another - in connection with the imp cards?

Sorry I should’ve mentioned different cards as well - cards that work in other breakout boards.

Since the post went up I’ve discovered that it is the slight pressure problem.