Soldering to Imp pads?

This is probably a stupid question, and idea, but could you solder directly to the imp pads to use it without a dev board?

For applications where size is at a real premium for example?

Being also as a hard core hacker, there should be no reason why you can’t solder directly on the IMP card (add wires to the SD connector pads). This eliminates paying SF an extra $20. The only down side is that the IMP warranty is void and your are chaining the IMP SD to a “fixed” unremovable electronic circuit. If you can solder SMT devices then soldering the IMP SD pads would be like a walk in the park. Just don’t overheat and destroy the IMP card. You still would need the Atmel encrypt chip attached to pin 6 with a 100K pullup.

@impandy - cool. Think Ill give it a go if I can order another imp on a project budget rather than my own pocket. I regularly solder smd components in work, so not worried about the technicalities of that, but thanks for reminding me about the encrypt chip - completely forgot about that.

If I do give it a go, Ill put some images up.

This can be done, but obviously we’re not going to accept such an imp back for warranty service with it covered in solder and with melted plastic around the pads :slight_smile:

It’d be hard to overheat the imp when soldering to the pads; they’re not that close to the functional components. You will likely melt the plastic though.

Remember to triple check the pinout before you power it up!

@Hugo - :slight_smile: yeh I think it would be a bit cheeky of anyone to try and send the imp back after that sort of treatment. Thanks for the message though

@PatrickSK take a gander at the pic (attached)

@impandy ohh very nice! Im still trying to find time to do this myself, but glad to see someone has got it up and running.

Nice setup. I also like the screen capture of an image, uploaded as a pdf. Good work.