Solar Tracking Imp

Finally completed a solar tracker using an Imp as the controller. You can read all about it on Here’s the link…


Whoah, those peg gears are beautiful! Pretty amazing juxtaposition, a solar array and wifi with wooden gears :slight_smile:

(now you just need a watermill to run it)

That’s Brilliant @deonsmt

Thanks guys!

@hugo, the watermill is a great idea - I’ll connect it to my rain barrels!

Very nice!!
print that gearbox in 3D, for water resistance??

Impressive display of engineering skills. Well done!


Thanks all. @DolfTraanberg - a 3D printer is high on my wish list :slight_smile:

With your skills, it should be easy to convert your CNC mill into a 3D printer…

Hi, i have been working on this proyect, but i am still a noob and i found out that the planner was no loger working, can some body help with the agent program please.

The code attached to step 5 is the latest version. This code was updated when the planner was made obsolete. Heres the link

Nicely done! Thanks for sharing, I hope I get time to build one some day :slight_smile: