Software glossary?

I can’t work out if you have this already, but one of the biggest advantages I have with php is the site.
All the commands are detailed there individually and searchable, and more importantly lots of small code snippet examples, followed by user submissions. Pretty much a way to find anything. I found but it was all on one page

I’ve only been with this a week, but for the life of me I couldn’t see where to concatenate server.log outputs until I looked through that page.

So now when I debug, I’m using
server.log(“I am alive”+itime);

Perhaps it is just me as a cut and paste jockey, but something where it was less intimidating to post would be good :slight_smile:

Maybe a hints & tips forum? When we get round to setting up a user wiki we could then harvest that forum for useful snippets…

I’ve included “Hints & Tips” to the existing “Tools” forum.

I’m tempted to agree that the ElectricImpApi documentation is too big and unwieldy all as one page. Perhaps we should split it up and have one page per class, or even per method?


It’s to big and the information is scattered all over, for instance : the types are at the beginning but the default delegates for those types are a lot further on. It could really use an index. The whole “embedding squirrel” and “calling c functions” can go. It could also use some more examples, it took me a lot of time to figure out how to retrieve a named value from a table by index. Lua has a couple of books, i was pretty surprised to see how little documentation there is for Squirrel.

Ivoknutsel, you’re talking about the Squirrel language documentation, which we at Electric Imp don’t have control over (though we’d like to improve on it at some point). I really meant the ElectricImpApi page on our own devwiki, where there really is no documentation except what we ourselves have made.