Software Beta Testing on Hannah Board

Hi guys,

I’m going to post here all the software issue/suggestions I have for this pretty cool software/device (hannah board ( Rev2 20120314)) :

Suggestions for the Planner :

  • please add an “undo/redo” button in the planner page
  • it will be very cool to add a column in the planner page with the code of the node inside (currently I’m using two browser windows next to each other to work with my imp )
  • electric imp logo should not move with the bg IMHO
  • node color legend in the planner it can be useful
  • I don't know what node actually do, I think the final user will drag and drop just nodes without looking at the code ever, we need a sort of node description or something, for example the hannah-disco example is confusing to me
  • we need a way more nodes and when we have those divide them in categories/sections 
Dev Wiki Suggestions:
  • please add the example codes for the hannah in the start here guide as well ( after you do the “hello world” example the wiki direct you to a page for the April board example, I think it will be better to split the link and add the one for the Hannah as well :)
  • the examples in the wiki are too complex for a new user because in first place I bought the electric imp to be able to add and remove nodes and not write 200 lines of code to let a led blink :(