I was wondering if anyone knows of an API that can send an SMS (text message) to the IMP? I want to be able to text the IMP, and then be able to change a variable value to run a function. In other words:

SMS to IMP -> API receives text -> API sends info to IMP -> IMP reads info from text -> Executes function based on info from text

Any ideas on how to implement this? I tried Twilio, but I was unaware that they charge per text. Anything free? Shield or something maybe?

Hi yes there is fully worked example of SMS via Twilio which is a great and cheap service. You can do all your testing from free on your dev account[]=sms

If your not on Agent beta send a PM to Matt at e.imp @beardedinventor

I have posted a much better example here. But I can’t find the link.
Google it?

This is so cool!! Thanks sbright!

controlCloud, I tried using Twilio. After a few texts and a call, I found that my bill or usage came out to 1.07. That’s not a problem, I just thought it was free, and I don’t like that I’m being charged without me fully knowing.

sbright I can’t see that. It says I don’t have permission to do that. Can you just copy and paste it here?

They don’t have my Visa, so how can they charge me? You have to request the Agent Beta before you can see that post. Sorry! Ask a moderator.

Hello amalafrozalam, I know the one MSG91 SMSAPI provider they can help you in better way.