SMS alarm system

Hey guys,

Have anyone try using electric imp for alarm system.
Currently have a project to monitor temperature, pressure and ac power input in building.

I have try with this electric imp for few day without success. Any example or guide line.

Thank a lot DolfTraanberg for the link. It help, just need some time to figure to match with the local SMS service provider.

This is what I use to send SMS function. Just to share with other who plan to use at Singapore.

// Agent code
const user_name = "name"
const password = "password"
const sending_number = “phone number” // your phone no goes here exp123456;654321;65739345
const message1 = “message” // massage max 900 char
const message_type = “1” //standard English
const sender_id = “send id”

function send_sms(){
local isms_url = "";
local body = http.urlencode({un=user_name, pwd=password, dstno=sending_number, msg=message1, type=message_type, sendid=sender_id});
local req =, {}, body);
local res = req.sendsync();
if(res.statuscode != 2000){
server.log("error sending message: " + res.body)

// call function

//Enjoy :slight_smile: