Fair enough Dimitri,
but I checked around 20 various items from various areas of your store and EVERY SINGLE one was listed as being OUT OF STOCK.

Some of these items were listed as being available from the main product listing, but when I tried to ADD TO CART, they came back as being OUT OF STOCK.

There’s now way I’m going to look any further than that; 20 from 20 is solid enough stats for me.

I followed the link from the Electric Imp site to the Evaluation Kits and when there seemed to be a problem with your site, I came back to Electric Imp forum to check if anyone else had a problem with your site. That is where I came across this thread.

To be fair; this thread is MONTHS OLD, with no previous response / rebuttal from smARtMAKER despite some very telling experiences from other members. So you will understand members’ concerns about your site. In my case I was simply adding my experience of smARtMAKER site on that particular day.

Great to hear you are still in business & expanding, I will keep an eye out for the Imp Module Evaluation Kits when back in stock.

I will give you another chance, after I receive my simple cable…


I think what you are experiencing is an issue related to the shipping location.

As we have 3 warehouses, the system list the stock availability for the different locations.

But we are in a kind of “shut down period” for the international shipments from China, as we had some troubles with the postal service and we were unable to ensure a proper service to our clients.

Because the website has geolocation and automatic association of the shipping warehouse to your delivery address, you probably see the product in stock in the US warehouse, but at the time of the checkout the product move to out of stock due to the fact that the Chinese warehouse is temporary closed.

This is something that’s going to change very soon, as we will restart to offer the worldwide service since tomorrow.

And the evaluation kit will be probably back in stock next Monday for the China warehouse and after few days in US. I’m pushing with electricimp to get the products asap.


Hi Dimitri

Any idea when you’ll be able to resume shipping to locations other than the USA (eg, UK).



just want to let you known that the imp002 and the evaluation kits are finally back in stock. Available now from China and after Dec. 10th (maybe earlier but can’t control UPS) from US.

@dube68 you should be able to find the products in stock now

@opb the worldwide service is now up and running. Still pending the warehouse in Italy as we are moving in a new building and I think will restore that service starting from January


@smartmaker - Excellent news, thanks :slight_smile:

Should I expect a small package soon?


as long as the staff in US come back from the very long weekend I will give you confirmation.


went to and there is a white page stating “nothing to see here” unfortunately it looks like poor business practices finally caught up with them. i have placed many orders through smartmaker and never once had good luck. i ordered a Hannah with a crappy SD reader that didn’t make contact with pin 1 no one could find record of it to refund me. i ordered 3 imp002 eval kits and got imp001s in place without the rest of the hardware. finally i received my imp002’s i ordered but without the return postage box i requested. so i kept the imp001’s as restitution for my faulty Hannah. every time i had a dispute i had to start a Paypal dispute before anyone would contact me. i also bought the logic probe and 6 other eval kits for my 4H club. maybe they are retooling the website and reorganizing the business

It’s unfortunate that SmartMaker doesn’t seem to have made it, since they were one of the first to carry imp002’s and reference designs. I was fortunate enough to get everything that I ordered from them.

If you are looking for imp002 related stuff, take a look at We love the Electric Imp and enjoy helping others develop with it.

I placed an order last week with SmartMaker so I guess I’ll be crossing my fingers. (I did receive a tracking number before their site went offline Sunday night, so I’m cautiously optimistic.)

I placed an order the week before last week with SmartMaker. I received only half (the cheap part) and not the Electric IMP. For more that two weeks they have not responding my mails. :frowning: Don’t buy anything there…





Smartmaker website is offline for many days now.

Are they gone forever ?

i bought my last imps from digikey.
3 days delivery to Portugal.


looks like they took the money and ran!