On the 18th aug I made an order in the new Smartmaker store for a couple of imps and paid using Paypal. Everything seemed to be fine.

On the 21st aug I got an email that my order would be cancelled because of lacking payment. I replied to that email telling them that the payment was made using paypal and that it seems to be fine. No reply.

On the 22th I opened a paypal dispute and got their attention. I got an apology and was asked if I wanted a refund or a delivery of the order. I replied back that I understood and wanted the order delivered. Everything seems ok so I closed the dispute and waited for a reply. Didn’t get any more information.

On the 26th aug I entered their help desk-system to check for all my previous emails and they all looked untouched. I send a new message. Still no reply.

Today I used the form on their webpage as a last resort but I thought I would check the forum for anyone else who had issues with them in the past. I still hope this is a misunderstanding, and that I will get my imps or $81 back some how.


I’ve ordered twice, and received both items promptly.

Dimitri is very friendly and replies to my EMails usually within a week.
I am still waiting for a cable that I ordered in March.
Will update here when I receive it!

I have still not received any reply, so I’m escalating this to paypal and trying to get a refund that way.

Until this is resolved I would recommend people to stay clear of Something doesn’t smell right!


I have had numerous transactions with and have never had a problem. They are currently expanding, and I think this is where some of your frustration is coming from. I have two imp002’s from smartmaker that were delivered yesterday!

I agree with @physicsnole. Dmitiri at smartmaker has been very helpful on the forums with their electric imp related items. I would keep trying to reach them.

I agree with @physicsnole & @jwehr. Dimitri is very kind and helpfull. I have all my orders in my hands (in Brazil)and I am more than satisfied.
Just give hin a litle more time and you will be glad!

I noticed as much, he seems trustworthy. I’m just worried that he went bankrupt or something like that and that I got caught in the process. I can’t see any other reason for him ignoring all my e-mails for the past week.

Dimitri had some issues with Arduino last year, I don’t know all the details:
Kickstarter, Trademarks and Lies
Arduino Founder Calls Out Startup, Kickstarter in Trademark Dispute

Something has gone wrong with this guy. Still no reply or any sign that he will give me a refund.

Please don’t send any more money to!!

After all the emails I finally got in touch with Bill at Electric Imp, who said he had been in touch with Dimitri and that they already shipped my order. I emailed Dimitri directly asking for confirmation but still got no reply.


I too have not heard from Dimitri about a confirmation of the remainder of my order from March 2013. I have sent him Emails and PM here on this board. Still waiting. Going on 6 months.

I have reached out to Bill at Electric Imp again, asking him to get in touch with Dimitri to ask further about this situation.

Exactly one month after my order, after lots of emails and some crazy effort from my part I now have my order in hand.

Dimitri has replied and offered explainations, valid or not, I think he could have handled this transaction much better.

I’m still waiting. Yes, it’s only one part that’s missing. But where is it? What happened? Many Emails and messages sent here in this forum to Dimitri…

I´m still waiting too.
The price is lower that competition but no mail tracking number of my package so i wont buy again from smartmaker.

Also i changed my delivery address minutes after i ordered my item.
I sent them an email to remind my address change and they only shipped the item almost one week after my purchase.


Now i have a wish from christmas right?

Still waiting for the remaining item from my order in March 2013. Many Emails set no reply from Dimitri…

I received today my item from smarkmaker, took a month to deliver!!

I just went to the SmartMaker website (November 24 2013) as I am really interested in the Module Evaluation Kit but virtually everything is OUT OF STOCK across the whole site.

So I guess they are doing it a bit tough.

Pity, I was really looking forward to having a crack with the Module Eval Kit.

wow… I’ve been pretty busy recently and I didn’t have time to follow the forum.

It’s a kind of surprise to read this thread and even find someone who worry about we went bankrupt :-o

Let’s start from @rickarddahlstrand, I think I’ve handled myself your issue and I know it was our fault. If I recall correctly your order was sent in the days we published the new website, middle of August, and we had few problems with PayPal that has received correctly the payments but sent to our platform an error.

@ramstein74 I didn’t investigate your case but I’m happy you have received the goods. Not sure why it tool so long time, but if it was an international shipment it depends on the postal services. For example in my home Country, Italy, a package from China can stuck in the Postal Center for custom clearance even 30 or 40 days, they simply don’t care about it and it can be supposed they actually do it in purpose to make clients unhappy and reduce the workload, as they will not order abroad anymore!

@Steven, I really don’t know why you haven’t received that audio cable, but I’m afraid the cause will be unknown forever, as I’ve fired on October 1st the person who was in charge of yours and many other problems left unsolved. As soon as I finish this post I will write a note to who is in charge and solve the issue once forever.

Why so many troubles with smARtMAKER? Well the fact is that we are growing, we have been seriously understaffed and badly organized. It’s something that can happen when you do things too good but you don’t have enough arms to handle everything.

Today things are different. We have people, good people. The US branch is getting more and more organized properly. Our website have received several upgrades in the past few weeks and now can handle properly the three warehouses we have, giving any possible option for the fulfillment of orders. And a team of 3 new highly motivated girls is under training in China to take care of the international sales and customers’ support. The will be ready to help you guys starting from Cyber Monday.

With the almost 20 members of smARtMAKER’s team we are working hard to improve the services and the experience we are offering to you guys. Several people are new and still under training and several procedures are new as well, but I feel confident that the problems I see in this thread are over or at least will be in the very near future.

And finally @dube68, you see several products out of stock because our prices are the best and something, like the imp002 evaluation kit, is my idea and we are the only to sell it worldwide… so we ran out of stock. I don’t know why you say that virtually everything is out of stock, because we have stock of over 80% of the products listed.

Anyway I’ve already placed a new order from electricimp several days ago and I’m just waiting the clearance from their warehouse to pickup the goods. As soon as we will receive back in stock the imp002, the evaluation kit will be available again, hopefully in the first days of the next week.