Simultaneous HTTP responses

I have a project where several HTTP requests (request,response) can be made for one imp and requests can arrive practically in the same time. Can imp process all requests or some are dropped? It is very difficult to test so may be somebody have some practical or theoretical information regarding this.

By “several”, do you mean 5-6 or 30-50? If it’s the former, there should be no problem. If it’s the latter, there are rate limitations placed on the imps.

Sounds like you’re talking about inbound requests? Yes, you can have multiple concurrent requests, though there are rate limits and limits on the number of concurrent inbound requests - I think it’s 4 open inbound requests at a time, with other inbound requests queued until one of the open ones has had a response sent to it.

Every request will have a unique response object which is used to send the reply to that precise request.

Thanks Hugo! Now it’s clear.

About 10 connections max at time, no more.
I see - in general there are no problem regarding this. Thanks!