Simple HTTP request from agent

been working on this for quite a while, and haven’t had any luck / found any examples that can help me.

running an apache server at home. using basic auth.
I have pages that call the ide directly from the server (using ‘system “wget …”’) , don’t need the agent to actually do anything with the content on the page, just load it, and the server will then send the needed info to the agent in the background.

I’ve also tried un-passwording the relevant directory, so can call the page without auth, and still no luck.

All this does is to call an url, and then looks at what is in the reply from the web server.

thanks, i got that working now. but only for directories on my web server with no passwords.

how do i go about sending a user / password?

If it’s basic auth, you would add a header:

local headers = { "Authorization" : "Basic " + http.base64encode(username + ":" + password) };