Silent devices issue


I’m currently experiencing two devices on the same network not communicating through server.log() and also not downloading any new builds I push to it (no “downloading new code” status message)?

I can see that one of them are pushing data to the agent as it is supposed to (ID: 20000c2a69051b8e).
The other one is a factory firmware imp, which is only responding to hard reboots with a connected message (“Device connected; 3.95% program storage used”). Even though I changed the code several times, it’s not downloading it. And server.log() gives me nothing (ID: 235273eb6e4936ee).

Could it be an issue with the particular wifi I’m running on? Maybe a server issue?


Hey bobbyziom,

Since your device was blinked up using the SDK (and a production plan), it won’t log like a normal developer device.

Similarly, the factory imp requires that the updated code be promoted to the ops console and deployed (to prevent accidentally taking down your factory line!)

We can continue through our support portal if you like - feel free to file another ticket or two if you have other questions or issues :slight_smile: