Showinput nodes breaking & must be replaced

I’m recently noticing a strange behavior where all of the ‘showinput’ nodes connected to an impee will stop working, typically when I log into the Planner having been completely logged out for a while and the imps turned off.

To fix this, I find that I have to delete and re-add, then re-connect all the ‘showinput’ nodes. I’ve tried wiring the same impee output to a fresh showinput node while the old one is still connected, and the new one displays data just fine while the old one is still being a zombie.

Thanks for the report, this sounds like a backend issue from the recent changes. When you delete and re-add do they then continue to work, or do these connections appear to go stale too?

I think I’ve had it happen exactly twice, but I’m not positive that both times were with the same set of showinput nodes. I will pay attention and report back.

This reminds me, is there a feature request/idea to allow a hardware imp to be assigned to a different planner impee? Supposing I want to try to different software systems, including all the inputs & outputs, on the same physical imp, right now I have to tear up & rebuild everything in the planner in order to switch.

There are no plans to allow impees to be swapped like that, but the entire IDE is being overhauled right now so tweaks to the current UI are not really being considered :slight_smile: