Show "aliveness" state of imp in Planner

Planner doesn’t visually differentiate between an Imp thats up and running and one thats offline.

Can you grey out an offline or otherwise imply its offline state on Planner?

actually, i take that back, i think its doing that.

well, wait again, im not sure it is. i have a sketch running, then pull power, but the UI doesn’t show the node visually in a different state, even though its not online, so its state isnt being reflected in the UI.

Come to think of it, the server.sleepfor() ties in with the server to tell it that its going down, so that state could be reflected on the GIU as well.

Maybe have a happy face imp dude for up and running,
sleepy face imp dude for server.sleepfor()?
dead face (x’es for eyes) imp dude for offline?

The status is shown - the rectangle around is black or gray and also the button for code selection is also greyed out. It’s just not instant - probably is timeout based on the server.

As Brown spotted, it does know it’s offline… eventually. Pulling power doesn’t do anything to kill the TCP connection, and so the server believes the imp is still there until the next transaction fails. We do keepalive pinging on the link but are still working out the best interval.

We will be adding indication of a sleeping imp as the server knows this state (distinct from an imp that has missed a check-in).