Shared models

I’ve added a contractor to our account and he has a dropdown next to the blue box in the upper left where he can select my user & see my models, but I do not have the same dropdown and can’t find a way to see his models. Is there a way to make that happen?

My permissions: Owner
His permissions: Developer, Operations Manager

It can be easily done, he just has to invite you to be a collaborator on his account.

Depends on your workflow with your contractors, you might want him to collaborate on model within your account, so the model, i.e. IP, stays with you after you end the contract with him.

Do let us know if you have other comments/suggestions.

Oh, I understand. It seems like a good system would be to have an organization own the models & devices. An organization would contain users at each of the roles. This might be a more flexible model for adding and removing users without anyone owning anything outright.

Thanks for your suggestion @adambrakhane.

We considered the approach you suggested but we found that the “conversion” can be confusing to user. The current solution is simpler and basically convert your account to be an “organizational” account without the need of creating another entity.

If you prefer to have an “enterprise” entity to own all your models, you can -

  1. change your account’s email to a generic company email, e.g.
  2. login to that account to invite yourself (using the original email) to be an admin there
  3. use your new account (with the original email) to login and access the same models/devices as usual