Setting a Schedule to Turn a Light ON and OFF

I have a little project working with an April, imp and a relay to turn a light ON and OFF from my iPhone.
This project is similar to what many have posted.
I would now like to set a schedule when the light will go ON and OFF. For example everyday ON at 6:00 pm and OFF at 11:00 pm. I know this can be controlled by software in an app but is their a way I can accomplish this with an imp and the imp server?
By having it controlled at the imp level there would be more flexibility by not just using an app but easily it could be controlled from any source, for example a website.
Does anyone have any ideas how to approach this? Ideally it would go ON at a certain time and notify the user of its state, ON or OFF.

You can write code to use imp.wakeup() and the current time (see and the date() function) to run a function at the appropriate time. Note that imps all operate in UTC, so you’d have to correct for your timezone.

For configuration, you could make an http in node pass a string to the imp which contained the desired on/off lines - as well as being able to override the current timer state.