Servo Buzz

I am connecting 3 servos to the Imp and need them to hold position for extended periods. I had previously done this with an Arduino and notice a buzz as the servos made micro adjustments to try and hold a position. This was easily remedied by just disconnecting the servo via servo.detach() on the Arduino. As a newbie to the Imp, I am not seeing an obvious way to disconnect a pin on the Imp to allow the servo to just hang out until adjustment is needed again when the device is called by the agent. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

If you just configure the pin to be a DIGITAL_OUT when you’re done moving it, there will be no PWM and hence it will generally go idle. It won’t hold position (as there’s now no concept of desired position) but the friction from the gears is usually enough.

Hugo, Apologies for the delayed thanks, but that works great. Thanks for the tip!