Service down?

Both of my imps cannot connect to the cloud service. Is it down? Did I miss the memo? :slight_smile:

It’s back up now - apologies for the downtime. We’re looking into the root cause, obviously during development things can get upset from time to time.

Time for a I think :slight_smile:

No worries on the downtime, I figured something went astray. I was actually quite surprised it hasn’t gone down before during beta. It’s a great testament that you guys certainly are on top of things.

+1 on the status page idea. :slight_smile:

Hmmm - spoke too soon, I believe. It appears to be back at it. :slight_smile: I guess I’ll call it a night - it is past 4AM!

It just came back up.

Fen Consultants, UK

Hi everyone

We had an outage on Sunday from 05:04 UTC to 07:50 UTC (10:04pm PDT on Saturday to 12:50am PDT on Sunday). We didn’t lose any data but no messages were passed during the outage, so e.g. data logging impees would have a gap in their graphs during that period.

We've found and resolved the issue.  We are taking measures to prevent future outages and ensure much quicker response time should outages occur.

Thanks for your patience!