Server.setpermanentvalues - issue

I’m getting an error that seems to point to an issue with the method name.
Or is it my crap coding…


Monday, September 17, 2012 10:19:00: ERROR: the index 'setpermanentvalues' does not exist

That code looks correct. But if you’re running it as the very first thing your imp has seen, following the weekend’s forced update to release-5, then it’s possible your imp hasn’t updated itself yet. Could you run a correct, perhaps blank, Squirrel program and see whether your imp updates itself (alternate short/long green blinks for a while, then solid green light for a while)?


Peter it updated yesterday to release-5.
Am the imp is running imp.configparams ok
Will run a blank Squirrel program later.

Thanks, Lawrence

There used to be an “Upgrade Firmware” button in the Iphone application, but I can’t find it now. I’ll enter a bug.


Ah, our messages crossed in the post. If it’s already done the upgrade then running a blank Squirrel won’t help. Could you post (or message me with) the whole code?


OK, thanks for messaging me the code. I can completely reproduce the fact that server.setpermanentvalues doesn’t work. We’re investigating and will get back to you. Thanks for the report…


Lawrence, can you try again now? I may have pushed an older release incorrectly.

Hugo it worked thanks
cardos-5 seems a little more unforgiving of errors?

Monday, September 17, 2012 20:00:48: ERROR: server.setpermanentvalues takes 1 parameter

After this Imp wouldn't respond (green/red led cycle) Appeared/Disappeared in planner I download a simple bit of firmware and copy my code from previous firmware & cooking on gas now.