Server.log() in ops console for blessed imps

This is a feature request to have the server.log() feature already built by EI, available for imp based products coming out of production.

Imp based products produced with a factory imp in a production account with ops console access, does not seem to have the server.log() feature available as in the development environment.

So as a customer you have to build this from scratch, setup a separate server, build a new logging system, pinging service for logging disconnect issues etc. for customer service purposes. All things that EI already build and provides in the developer account.

Today, only information accessable on produced imps from the ops console, seems to be when entering one imp id manually in a debug tab giving a short list of status info such as “last connected”.

Good News Everyone!!

This is actually a feature we’ve been working on, and it was JUST released (as in seconds before I posted this).

You can find more information about it: