Server.log : accessing log file, clearing the contents?

Hello everyone.

This is my first post on this forum! I’m excited to see what I can do with this imp. I’ve never even heard of Squirrel before, so this is going to be an interesting challenge for me haha.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if there was a way to access the log file for an impee and if it is able to be cleared.

Thanks for the help!

If you click the tool button on the imp, then edit firmware, the real-time updating log is shown below the code editor. You can’t currently access it programmatically though.

Not able to be cleared right now, no. You may want to do a server.log(“code started”) at the top of your code so you can see where you restarted the code.

Thanks for the help Hugo.

Hugo, Has the clear log been implemented yet? it would save time without having to find where the “code started” comment log entry?
Thank you

It not working correctly is still an outstanding bug. Lots of working ongoing on the IDE…