Server.load() is deprecated?

Hi - the docs says

For impCloud storage, every imp-enabled device can save a single Squirrel table to the impCloud and read it back at a later time. Both processes — write and read — should be mediated by the imp’s agent, which has at its disposal two API methods, and server.load() , specifically for these tasks.

However when I Check the code in the IDE I get
“There is a problem with your code: server.load() is deprecated”

How do I persist a data table?

server.load() is deprecated for devices. You’re encouraged to store data on the agent side. Are you seeing this warning for agent code?

…this is because server.load/save on the device just sent the data to the server anyway - the issue with this is if there was no connection, you couldn’t get your data.

If you’re trying to save data locally on the device there are multiple options - imp.setuserconfiguration() (for storing small amounts of data - eg keys, calibration, etc - in secure impOS managed storage) or hardware.spiflash and the helper flash filesystem classes etc.

Thanks - that explains it! I didn’t read far enough, I see now that the suggestion is to use in conjunction with device.on() and agent.send().