"Senior" safety monitoring - imps

Hi I’ve developed a monitoring app for my mother in law!!
She 80+ has wifi and one bad fall.

Apologies for some of the video quality and content which is aimed at non impers.

Thanks for sharing! Nice showcasing of the imp’s implementation and capabilities.

Very nice project for alerts! Would you be willing to share the code for this project? I am trying to create a simple alert when a contact is closed and then sent to my phone., similar to what you have created.


Jon happy to share but you need a home/cloud proxy server to run a bit of php. Or you could wait until the e.imp Agents arrive early next year. I’m using a sms service provider and pubunb for real time alerts to an HTML5 web app. At the imp I’m simply using Digital_ins and sending a string to the php server which pulls it apart and sends to sms and pubnub apis.

Here’s an outline of the solution http://bit.ly/Tjomkx

Will get a file set together and update date this thread.