Sending text to a Textstar LCD

I wanted to send code to a Textstar Serial LCD for a prototype I’m working on. I’ve written a blog post that includes a video, the code is in the post and is also available in the menu bar under download > code > Imp text 2 LCD.

I plan to use a graphics LCD in future and send images to it from a SD card, however, the Textstar is a really easy to use LCD and great for prototyping so it’s good for learning with, I think it’s only available through Cool Components, at least in the UK.

Hardware wise as well as the Textstar, I’m using a Sparkfun Imp breakout board and am powering it with 4.5v from a mains PSU. The LCD is also powered from the breakout board. My TX pin is pin1. This sketch is very basic but it’s a start for me (and this project) so I’m happy with it so far.

The blog post is here

Comments etc welcome.