Sending data to the online graph/control tool Open.Sen.Se - A little guide

Open.Sen.Se is a really nicely designed engine for the internet of things.
It has nice graphs to display data from your device, triggers on data values, and buttons etc. to control things.

I have written a little guide with some code examples on how to get the Electric Imp to talk to Open.Sen.Se

Comments and suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile:


Really nice clear write-up!

I’ve had an open account for a while and haven’t touched it… Now I don’t have any excuses to take look. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Setting up the imp to connection was very easy. Has anyone figured out how to plot more than 3 data points?

I am building a LED sign for a workspace that displays what is going on inside. Currently there is a webpage with 4 standard buttons to display on the screen and one field for custom text. Ideally I want to plot the 4 standard buttons and custom field to see how the room is being used most.