Sending array of 3 values to COSM

I am working on a temperature logging application using an Imp. I have built a temperature sensing application with one thermistor connected to pin 9. I then added two more thermistors to pins 7 and 5.
I want to load the values into an array then upload to COSM for display. Can anyone post an example of how to get this to work? Also, how to configure COSM to display the data.

Create COSM account
Create device/feed which will give you name and number
Create API key.

Use the values on the COSM agent in the planner.
Connect the imp to the COSM agent (use some squirrel with an OutputPort)

This will work for one value, more i don’t know
Maybe you can connect the imp to multiple COSM agents?

we have an imp sending data to 10 COSM datastreams in one feed. There is one API key, one feed number but each unique datastream needs a new COSM node in the planner. The COSM node will display 200 when it has been set up correctly.

I don’t think there is a way to send an array out, you must send each item individually to a unique output port.

imp configure will look something like this

imp.configure("temps", [], [nameofFeed1,nameofFeed2,nameofFeed3 ]);

The actual, literal name of the COSM feed will be entered into the configuration page of the COSM node in the planner.