Send and receive Audio Line In levels via Imp005

We are looking for a new design project and we want to know if we can do it with the device imp005?
The design has the following prerequisites:

  • Transmission via wifi 5Ghz (imp005).

  • Power requirements: Normal in Sleep Mode for low consumption ->Wake to full mode from external GPIO for transmit audio.
    A global diagram could be as follow using imp005, if we can meet for the following required prerequisites:

  • We have looked examples with audio ADC and DAC in imp003, however this audio examples don’t seem available in imp005 device (Imp005-Breakout), we always talk about imp005 an not imp003 because we need comunications to 5Ghz and the imp003 does not work at 5Ghz, don´t we?

  • As we can transmitt and received audio via imp005 (5Ghz), if it is possible of course?

  • The device must remain with a low consumption (sleep) until an input decides to wake it to put it in operation, is this possible in the imp005?
    Best regards,
    Fran Arroyo

Quoting Peter - "The imp005 does not currently support deep sleep, so right now there is no wake-up pin. Implementing deep-sleep support on imp005 is currently scheduled for release-38 – i.e. not the (fairly soon now) next release, but the one after – and we can’t yet be sure exactly how it’s going to work. For now, low-power designs should avoid the imp005, in favour of the imp003 and imp004.

If you’re implementing something speculatively and won’t mind too much if it turns out to be wrong, the wake-up pins may end up being pins XA-XE."

There is no ADC or DAC on imp005 that I can see. You could use an audio codec chip however.

Thanks for your quick response.
We hoped a little bit your response as it has been.
Can you specific more your layout schedule for release 38, it usually betwen a release and next is in weeks, months or years?
It is for try to defend with some date, the imp005 for this new development, do you guys know?
Yes, we saw for imp005 that we would could use an audio codec chip managed via SPI or I2C, and I2S for audio and we have one chip of Texas Instruments for this, however can you recommend another audio codec for our evaluation?

Another question, very important that we forgot to ask you.
We have assumed that with the imp005 is possible establish a communication between two device point to point, for example one as Access Point and another as Client, isn’t it?
Last requirement (point to point) is another prerequisite for this project that we had forget to ask you.

Currently the imp005 supports only Wifi Client mode – not Access-point, and not Ad-hoc.

Also, as it stands imps are not capable of communicating with each other directly – only via our cloud servers. Local network communications is a feature which lots of people ask for, and we’re looking into implementing it, but at best it won’t be available until later this year.


It is a bit difficult for us to wait until the end of this year.
Is sad for us :(, because the module 005 was pointing very well for us.
However, thank you very much for your great support.