Selective uart callback?

We have a use case where we need the uart callback to trigger on a few of the flags besides READ_READY, but where we use a different method to retrieve the blob of data received in a more effective way (sync pin that triggers execution of a uart.readblob0 method to read everything in fifo in one go - this has proven to be much more effective then using the uart callback itself;

Unfortunately, we do need the uart callback to signal end of TX (to generate a similar sync pin state change for the TX direction), so the callback needs to be defined in the UART configuration

I fear that, although we don’t process the READ_READY flag within the UART callback, the callback will still be triggered for every byte received until the abovementioned method empties the fifo completely.
Is it therefore possible to ‘instruct’ the UART callback not to trigger on READ_READY and as such avoid a lot of needless processing ?