Second "Hello world" doesn't work - LED doesn't flash

I connected my IMP to my PC and I think that it works : it flashes in red, then in orange and finally in green for about 30 seconds and then it turns off. Is this normal?

I did the first tutorial
server.log(“Hello from the impExplorer Developer Kit”);
and that worked well.

Then I did the second tutorial at

but nothing happens…

I entered a log into the flash function and I see it adds up in the log area but the led doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Yes it’s normal for the LED to turn off 60s after power up, unless your code asks for it to stay on (imp.enableblinkup). The other red/yellow codes are showing it going through the connection sequence.

The examples do all work, and the impExplorer boards were all tested by the manufacturer, but it’s possible your board somehow has a broken LED or the SD socket is flaky.

Try removing and re-inserting the imp card a couple of times to clean the contacts, and try applying light pressure to the top of the socket (above where the contacts are); pin1 is used to gate power to the LED, so if this isn’t connected, the LED won’t work.