SD Card Connector w/ Pins (easy prototyping)?


Not sure if such a thing exists, but I’d be interested to know if there’s an sd card connector that has pins, rather than being surface mount? Just looking to help make breadboard prototyping a little easier, but I did some searching and haven’t turned up any leads here.


Sorry, this doesn’t make much sense, given that new impees must be qualified.

Use readily available dev kits, or design a proper one. :slight_smile:

Impees don’t need to be “qualified” - well, you need an ID chip but there’s nothing special about the ID chip, it’s an off the shelf part.

Ahh, that’s good to know. I knew the ID chip was easy to get & integrate, but I was somewhat under the impression from the newimpee link and it’s description of binding ID’s to firmware that the process was going to be moderated, require some form of qualification.

The “blessing prototypes” commissioning sounds anything but onerous though, and your words are further re-assurance. :slight_smile: Thanks Hugo!

The commissioning process (which we’re renaming “registration”) is for manufacturers - or anyone who is making a product that they want to sell/give to someone else. If you don’t register a device, then when used by another user it’ll just default to the unbound firmware as the other user doesn’t have access to the firmware you were running on it.

This process essentially tells the server what default firmware should be used for a particular device. The creator can also optionally allow the device’s user to modify the firmware.

If you own a Hannah, you’ve seen how this works - it comes up with default hannah firmware. An April, on the other hand, has no default firmware and so just comes up blank in just the same way an unknown ID chip would. only issue is the circuit board has copper in the areas not recommended my IMP. But will work for prototyping.

Just grab a break away pin header to make breadboard compatible.

Hi Hugo, there is no ETA for DEV boards from Sparkfun … I already have 2 IMPs and would like to use them ASAP. Is there any way to get any DEV boards or even a blank April circuit board that I can put together on my own?

@guzzi007 - I think they mentioned on their video that the would have breakout boards available in a few weeks.

I’d did a little write up on another forum thread about how I got my imp working with a few extra parts. Might be helpful.