Save/Loading a Plan

Using Chrome.

Can I save a plan? I have an application working with noodles strung here are there and now I want to edit/enhance the code. But, I would still like to go back to the working example (home base) when I screw everything up.

I can’t seem to find a way to save (or load) a plan and all with box and noodle elegance. Is is possible? Is there a ‘save’ icon that I am missing?

I’m afraid there’s no way to save a plan… taking a screenshot is rather low-tech :frowning:

Thanks, Hugo, for the reply.

I too would like to be able to save plans. I have created a plan then ‘tinkered’ (broken) it and wished I had a saved plan to go back to.

Also is there no way to have your imps populate separate plans ? I have 2 imps with very discrete functions so I don’t need any imp-imp connections. It would be nice if they could each populate their own planner space.

You can create a second account for a second planner; the underlying system can have multiple plans per account but this is not exposed as yet.