Sampler Class whats next in Planner? Hear Audio?

I understand the Impee code and it seems to work. What do I do with the buffer/blob in Planner? Is there a Virtual Imp for this? Any plans for one soon? If No, what other choices do I have? I’d like to hear the audio!

Will someone else write a soft node to do this?

You currently need your own webserver to get the base64 encoded audio from an HTTP OUT block, but it works.

Can you show me how to do it? Will it be easier with an Agent in the future? Shame to let such a great capability on the Imp go to waste…

Much easier with an agent. Sorry, can’t help with the http stuff, I’m not a server guy…

Will someone write an agent? I’m sure it would be used by many of us!

There’s one coming, with the Lala (audio in/out) reference design.

Any idea when? Where do I look for this? If I know where to look, and what to look for, I promise not to ask again…

How do I email Tom on Github? Looking at his code… Of course I need hardware. How do I access the WAV file from my browser? Trying to learn.

Cool! Buy hardware? Make it myself? I’d also like to go the other way. Audio from Imp to browser…

@sbright33 that board does both. Reference design coming soon…

Do you have a draft schematic of how you are handling audio in and out?

We do, but are updating it with the patches that were on this board - better ADC filtering, specifically, as it turns out our office has a lot of 25kHz noise in it :slight_smile:

I suspect this should be done around the end of next week.

Who will make and sell this board? Anyone?

Not that we’re aware of, no.