Safari IDE Cursor Problem

I’ve am having a strange issue in Safari when working in the IDE. The cursor is about 5 characters to the right of where it actually is. So if I click on a location I want to edit and start typing it will edit 5 characters to the right. Rather annoying as you can imagine.

Anyone else seen this and is there a known fix?

I have logged out and in, did not resolve. Thanks

I am having the same issue in safari, anyone have a solution??

Unfortunately, right now all of our web testing is done through Chrome and Firefox. We’re hoping the expand our list of tested/supported browsers in 2014, but right now we don’t quite have the resources.

But I’ll file a ticket in our system for this, it might be a really quick fix (or it might not, and it won’t get fixed).

I don’t normally use Safari but just popped over and did a small bit of editing. Everything seemed normal and working. The typed characters come out right at the cursor position.

Safari 5.1.7 on Windows 7

Are you at the default zoom level? I’ve seen that be a problem a long while back…

I just tried all zoom levels (IOS and Safari) still the same problem. Strange as I have been using the IDE without issue for a while now.

Time for Chrome I guess.

Yes, agree. In Safari (7.0) cursor placement and editing is problematic. Never recognized some time ago. Try different zoom levels, no changes.
No recognized in Firefox or Chrome.
To be accurate - earlier I use Safari 6.0.

This is an ACE Editor issue (which the IDE uses). I am pretty sure this is fixed in later ACE releases. There is some info (although not much) <a href="”>here. There is a workaround noted on that page.

I have the same issue with cursor and it is latest Safari question.
Maveriks is so…so at all, especially if you language use “dead key”.
I cannot recommend Mavericks until Apple make an update. In-spite that I’m using Macs more than 20 years.
I switch back to Mountain Lion. And everything with cursor and editing is ok.

Safari will not be updated, the editor must be updated. ACE (the editor used by the ide) has already been updated to fix this issue. The ide needs to update to use the updated version. There is a workaround that can turn off the feature in Safari that causes this, but that is more of a hack then a real solution.

You can workaround it with:

defaults write -bool NO

(and restart Safari)