RuuviTag Sensor Gateway using IMP004m

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Nice - you know you can send tables back from the device? You could have all the info (RSSI, local IP, etc) sent back in a single table which would be easier.

Also, if you have a lot of other data flying around, using a scan filter which only lets through Ruuvi mac addresses will reduce the processing load and leave less junk for you to filter out :slight_smile:

Pretty sure you could set the imp to push into Zabbix (vs having zabbix pull from the agent) but I guess either way works. We push data from agents into graphite which then grafana displays - some internal metrics.

Hi Hugo.

Yes I know about sending tables back from the device and I use that for sending the table of RuuviTag data back to the Agent. I wanted to keep the other data as separate discrete items. Just a personal preference :slight_smile:

The filtering is a bit clumsy but while I was writing the code I want to allow logging of everything so I could see all the BLE data hitting from everything. It could do with a tidy.

Letting Zabbix pull data was a definite design choice as I wanted Zabbix to have control how often it queried the data, also pushing to Zabbix is far more complicated and very dependant on the version of Zabbix itself.

Thanks, Richard

Oh by the way, very impressed how relatively easy this was to get going with the IMP004m and impCentral.

IMP004m based RuuviTag Gateway now mounted in a box…


Nice - what’s the power input connector? Micro USB or USB-C?

It’s pretty much a standalone gateway… can’t get a lot more optimized than that in terms of hardware!

Hi Hugo, USB Mini. Found these on eBay that were just the right size to fit the box…

By the way the IMP004m V6 Board is slightly different from the info on with the three upper solder pads having moved about a bit. Numbers are the same but the positions have changed.