RSSI values in dB logged overtime


i would like to log the RSSI values over time listed if you will? normally i would print to serial on say the arduino platform! on the imp do i have to send this to be listed on an html page?

i have a great rssi feed with temp data uploading data to xively but i need to make my own graphs from the data and just wondered if there was an easy way to print this data somewhere so i can get data every minute for say a week move the imp elsewhere and start again once finished after 4 different locations i can then overlay the info on the graph to show signal differences through differing materials.

its a continuation of my project i posted here a month back.



There are a few of us working on something similar. There is some information in this post about using highcharts, but as far as I know, no one has example code posted as of yet…


its very frustrating something as simple i guess as logging data without pushing it to xively for comparison tests is that hard to achieve?

Its not that it is that hard…several people have been using highcharts on their own webservers to chart data, but no one has yet made example code for use in the agent. @mjkuwp94 has been doing some work with it I believe. I want to do it at some point, but its on a long list. Xively does make it really easy, and gives you a place to store your datapoints.

Highcharts is pretty easy to do. Even as a beginner I was up and running quite quickly.

I have not found a great solution for storing data yet. So far my favorite is to log to a text file in my hostgator account.

Just recently I started trying to use to store data but I am having a hard time understanding their api.

would you consider any solution that uses your own hosting? The great thing there is it is totally in your control.

my project has an example php script for logging to a text file. the other piece you would need is PHP to read the file and return JSON.

what about zapier i can get a trigger for a webhook sent to a new line in a google docs form. only prob is when it asks me to poll a url and look for new entries? ok this will only add a row to the spreadsheet when something changes but generally it does.
i just dont understand what to do when it asks me this:

Only trigger “Retrieve Poll” when…
URL (required)

This should return a list of dictionaries of content type JSON in reverse chronological order. For example: [{“id”:1234},{“id”:1235}]

any clue?

Its asking where you want to get the data from. Zapier works with other services like Xively, and allows you to perform additional tasks that Xively doesn’t do. You could pull your Xively data and then push it to some other service. If you can get what you need from a Google doc, then it should work fine. Zapier isn’t completely free like Xively though…

I’ve put together some code to send my temperature-data to a google doc-spreadsheet so I can visualize it with google charts.