Rocky library app.get() call not handling the http request and returns 'No Handler for GET......'

From Node.JS code i am making a http connection to the agent using the following:
var options = {
host: ‘’,
path: ‘/5_rMlxjUiXXl/500098f1706fd37a/01/23/4050/3002’

On the Agent side i have the following app.Get handler:
app.get("/500098f1706fd37a/([^/]*)", function (context) {
local deviceId = context.path[0];
context.send(200, “Done”);

On the client side i get the error:
No handler for GET /500098f1706fd37a/01/23/4050/3002

I am trying to fetch the 01 23 4050 3002 from the path[1] to path[4], from the error on the client side, i gather that it cannot match my app.get. Is there something i am missing? Note: I was using regular expression to get any combination of those numbers for my device.