RMII interface termination

We are finalizing a design which uses the Imp005 and are not using the RMII interface. Do these pins need to be terminated or can they remain not connected? (The imp005 design guidelines say that when not using the RMII it will be detected by the imp but it is unclear if the pins need termination)

If you are not using the interface you can leave them not connected. We attempt to talk to the PHY via MDIO before enabling the ethernet code.

One additional note - we can provide a free schematic/layout review via the support portal. We strongly recommend you take advantage of this before sending anything to fab!

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I’m having a little trouble finding the location for this service, can you post a link? Thanks!

This is for commercial customers, who have access to support.electricimp.com - you also need a commercial account to use the imp factory process for manufacturing, etc.

If you don’t have an agreement with us yet, now would probably be a good time to contact sales@electricimp.com

If you’re just making your own design for non-commercial use, then you can always DM your design and we will attempt to take a look.