Reuse Imps from Production products that have gone out of business

I have an old Hiku device. The company is no longer in business.
Can I assign the device to my development account and re-purpose the hardware?
This little thing is well built and could be useful if I could point it to a new location.

I really don’t want to add it to the trash heap.

You can’t, but if you can contact Rob @ Hiku and ask him, he can unbless the device in impCentral and then you’ll be able to blink it up as a developer.

It seems like Rob @ Hiku has turned off his mail server. :frowning:
Is there another way?

I’ve pinged him on Linkedin and asked if he has another email.

But… the really good news is that he’s all over this. The source for Hiku is at and he’s willing to unbless devices given a device ID. That’s the right way to do it :slight_smile:

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Re-reading his message to me, he’s fine with us unblessing any Hiku device. Got a device ID/mac address?


Yes! My mac address is : 0c:2a:69:0c:3c:5e

Thank you!

You should be able to do a developer blinkup of the device now. Enjoy!

Yes sir! It worked.
Thank you for your support.
I really appreciate it.

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