Responsive Web Designs

I was teaching myself CSS from and found they have some nice Responsive Web Design Templates.


In my Agent, I just created a local string and some code to serve the page from my Imps web address and the examples they give display very nicely on my iPhone6. Now it’s just a matter of editing to make it more relevant.

IMPORTANT! Before pasting the HTML into the Agent, I pasted the example into Notepad and replaced " with “”

function httpHandler(req, resp) {
local rssp = @"

//copy and paste the entire CSS HTML template example here.

resp.send(200, rssp);
catch (ex){



Yes W3schools templates look good and I see they have an html reference for the css files etc.

Just wanted to add that there are other responsive templates available too.

If you want a small one (filesize wise) consider concisecss. If you look in github link, it gives cdn reference to css files etc.

The big granddaddy of responsive template design is probably bootstrap and there is also materializecss which is based off google’s material design reference. Both of these have cdn links to css and javascript libraries etc.