RESOVLED: Firefox and imp IDE

Hello all, it seems like since yesterday or the day before visiting the IDE page looks weird / out of proportion on Firefox. Seems like a CSS issue ? also on Agent code and imp code the code is all black and white not colorful anymore.
I have been always using firefox, and it was fine. System is win7 64 with firefox 26.0, same issues on a 8.1 machine with same browser. When i try Chrome it looks all good.
Any ideas?

They updated the IDE, you can change colors.

I can no longer see the server log on my IDE.
I only see ‘agent’ and ‘device’ sections.

I saw the lack of log and was about to write a post about it when I realized that you have to select the device itself and not the model. I believe this is because the log is specific to the device rather than the piece of code. Thus, if you click on the model name you don’t get a log, but if you click on the specific device whose name is shown right under the model name, you get the device log to pop up.

I just discovered that. It was the extra click I didn’t have to do before. All is good now.

I’m happy with the new IDE. The only thing missing now is an ‘undo’ button for when I cut or delete a wrong part of my code.

I’m happy with it too, especially the fact that I can now edit inactive models. There may not be an undo button, but Ctrl+Z works just great. :slight_smile:

i am not sure what you mean by you can change colors, i definitely see a huge difference between Chrome and Firefox. This is not by design…
Any other ideas?
Thanks again

Light grey on black grey is back again, and I can’t change it anymore :frowning:

yeah thats what i meant… but the old good IDE is working ok on chrome…

You should be able to click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the IDE and select “Dark” or “Light” from a drop down. I tested in both Chrome and Firefox, and it seems to be working?

yes i am able to do this on both browsers.
The problem now on firefox is that the lines of code are all white (instead of colorful like before) and same is the agent code.
The easiest way to understand is a simple test. open the IDE from chrome and open the same IDE from firefox and you will see exactly what the difference is. Also the bar on the left where the imps are listed looks unalligned on firefox. If you cannot see the difference i could take some screenshots.

I’m not seeing differences over here, a screenshot might be helpful.

We’ve heard a couple reports from folks saying their interface looks… odd. Clearing the browser’s cache seems to have fixed it other people reporting - perhaps give that a try. It’s possible the browser is caching some old css or js that’s wrecking havoc with the new html.

@beardedinventor Man! Thanks that was it! I cleared the cache and that did it! Thanks so much! Back to using my favorite browser! :slight_smile: Changed subject to resolved