#require "HTS221.device.lib.nut:2.0.0" - unsupported version?

I just started getting this “unsupported version” on code that checked just fine 4 days ago. Was this deprecated, if so, anyone knows the new version?

There is a new version 2.0.1

Check it here https://developer.electricimp.com/libraries/hardware/hts221

This may be a change introduced in the latest impCentral update (see separate forum post) and may not be intentional.

Previously it was possible to include older versions of a library, to maintain users’ code compatibility (we shouldn’t force you you use version x.y.z if it will break your code), and I don’t think that should have changed.

I can upload code containing #require "HTS221.device.lib.nut:2.0.0" to impCentral via the API without getting an error — where are you seeing the warning? In impCentral itself?

It should just be a warning :grinning: There are now warnings possible in addition to errors.

In this case, that library is an unsupported version (a newer version exists). Your code is still saved and the deployment is still created (unless there are any errors) :+1: If there are errors, only those need to be fixed because you can still use unsupported libraries and unsupported library versions (although we recommend bumping to a newer supported library version).

Another scenario for seeing these new warnings is if using an old deprecated imp api function.

It is an ImpCentral warning, yes:
2018-04-13 18:16:05 -05:00 [IDE] Compiler warning (line 1): unsupported version

Using the new version by declaring: #require “HTS221.device.lib.nut:2.0.1” gets rid of the warning.