Repurposing RTS/CTS when uart configured with NO_CTSRTS

On imp003, we’re using uart.UVGD in NO_CTSRTS mode. Because D & G are now unused, we would like D for its state-change callback functionality.
If we configure uart.UVGD and then configure D as an input with a callback function, should we expect it to work?

Might we run into issues where:

  1. Activity on PinD would confuse the uart (unlikely, because we’ve told it to ignore rts/cts)?
  2. The uart does something to PinD at some point either reconfiguring it or causing unpredictable states?

Hugo informed me that there should be no issues with this.

Yes, this should work. The UART will not be connected at all to those pins after reconfiguration. Our system tests exercise things like this.