Remotely upload new SSID settings through planner


Do you think there is any way to be able to “update” SSID settings and password for wireless network through planner? As in store as a variable, load with new settings, and maybe even revert to last saved if it can’t connect? This would be helpful. I know you could always change SSID and password of new router to the old one, so the imp recognizes, however sometimes this method will not be ideal.

What about controlling LED while in blink-up mode to manually input settings via the status led? I know that one might be a stretch…

Just curious…

There will be an API for setting wifi parameters, yes. It’s in release 23.

When is release 23 coming? The last notes I see are regarding Release 14, which I assume my imps are on.

I applaud an API for wifi settings :slight_smile:
By the way, what happened to releases 15 to 22?

We number releases in order (like xterm). Releases 15 to 22 were made from the release-14 branch, so they’re all very similar to release 14 in functionality: they were mostly releases made to the imp production line – so people with brand-new imps, and particularly brand-new module imps, might find that they have release 22 pre-installed. Those people won’t have any new user-visible features compared to release 14; the changes were mainly to the production-line software itself.