Release 5

We are releasing new firmware to your imps today. Please check out the release notes:

imp firmware will be upgraded remotely so the next time you power up their imp, the imp will start a short-long green blink as it verifies the image and then a solid green during the upgrade process. The update typically takes about 30 seconds, but can take up to a few minutes if you have a very slow network connection.

Note that if your imp code immediately uses server.sleepfor(), it may not receive this update because the message queue from the server is not processed before sleeping. We are working on a better fix for this, but right now the way to ensure that imps that use server.sleepfor() receive updates automatically on their next wake is to replace:



`function gotosleep() {

imp.wakeup(0.1, gotosleep);

After the update, the card will just reboot and operate normally. The API documentation has been updated with the new feaures which include programmable I2C clock rate and server-side storage access. Additionally, squirrel bytecode is now XIP from flash which allows bigger programs to be used on the imp.