Release 3

Hi everyone

We are releasing new firmware to your imps today.  Please check out the release notes:

imp firmware will be upgraded remotely so the next time you power up their imp, the imp will start a short-long green blink as it verifies the image and then a solid green during the upgrade process. The update typically takes about 30 seconds, but can take up to a few minutes if you have a very slow network connection.

After the update, the card will just reboot and operate normally… just with fewer bugs :)



Just works, very nice, thanks

I think it worked.  Is there a way to report or query the current FW version?

I searched for “version” and “firmware” in the wiki already.

Not right now. This will be accessible in the new web UI.

Neither of your imps appear to have updated. Right now, the updates will only come down when the firmware does an imp.configure(), which if you’re developing code, might not happen. If you pick “imp.unboundsq” as the firmware for the imp, then unplug/replug it, then it should get told to fetch the new firmware.