Release 11

This is now being pushed to all imps, please see for notes - it’s just bugfixes over release 10

You should see your imp upgrade (short-long green blink for 10-30 seconds, then solid green for 20-30 seconds), and then come back online.

As many people didn’t yet get release 10, here’s the release 10 summary:

Many bug fixes and features added, including line numbers on runtime errors, sampler API, wifi powersave mode, uart string/blob writing, etc.

One other big thing to note is that the green LED will stop flashing after 60 seconds. This also means the imp is no longer listening for blinkup - you need to blinkup directly after powering up the imp.

Great news on the line numbers. With the blinking stopping after 60 seconds. That would have freaked me had I not seen this. I think I’ve already experienced it. Is there a way to subscribe to these threads or subscribe to a newsletter ?

Hmm, not that I can see but I’m not a forum expert. Nong, any ideas?

To get general notifications, go to your name on the bar at the top of the forum page -> My Preferences and select and save your preferences.

You can also follow specific threads by

1 - Going to the specific thread you want to follow.
2 - Find the “star” icon on the top right of the thread and click on it. You have now bookmarked the thread and will receive notifications whenever the thread is updated.